Vision and Mission

The vision of the SBJSEC College-Amritsar to provide a high quality service of education, training and promotion of learning and the mission of the college is the to Increase the life opportunities of individuals and the productivity of organizations, Strengthen the development and employability of individuals and employees, Support the progression of individuals through further education into employment and higher education and Contribute to the growth and economic development of the region through our curriculum offer.

We have a very clear mission of augmenting our society and state with otential human resources who are capable of bringing about appropriate and reformative changes in the cultural, potential and economic scenario of the country.
Accordingly, we equip expertise and a strong value system leading to their super success as professional of global recognition and as ambassadors of their alma mater. The institution is committed to maintain its rich tradition. And for all this, naturally, the college needs generous grants without which it will be difficult to meet the desired objectives.